How is a 100-day plan delivered to our clients, and what is the investment for our clients?

Target group: Managers and CxOs entering new roles

Method: A process of workshops and reflection to help leaders develop their 100-day plan

Results: A tailored 100-day plan that helps managers get started better in new roles and thus have a greater chance of success in the short and long term

Investment: NOK. 45,000 per plan

Benefits of a 100-day plan

  • Get a good start in your new role and build momentum

  • Clarify your vision and goals

  • Identify and address any challenges you may face

  • Develop a clear plan of action

  • Demonstrate your leadership and commitment to the organization

How Vital Few's 100-day plan works

  1. Dialogue: Vital Few begins with a conversation with you to understand your vision, goals, and challenges.

  2. Process: Vital Few then creates a plan for the 100-day process.

  3. Workshops: The 100-day plan is carried out through 4-5 workshops of 4 hours. Between the workshops, you will receive information from the process and input for reflection.

  4. Delivery: The final delivery is your plan, which you can choose to share with your team or use as you see fit.

Why choose Vital Few's 100-day plan?

  • Vital Few has extensive experience helping managers get started better in new roles.

  • Vital Few's process is tailored to your individual needs and challenges.

  • Vital Few's workshops are interactive and engaging, and you can learn from reflections, discussions, and the experiences Vital Few personnel personally hold.

  • Vital Few's team is experienced, knowledgeable, and committed to your success.

No-obligation chat

Vital Few offers a no-obligation chat to discuss whether the 100-day plan or other services suit you. After the conversation, we can guarantee that you have learned and reflected.


Vital Few's 100-day plan is a valuable investment for any new manager or CxOs. It is a tailored process that helps you to get started better and set yourself up for success. If you want to learn more, contact Vital Few for a no-obligation chat.