How is interim COO delivered to our clients, and what is the investment for our clients?

Vital Few delivers interim COO services on a tailored basis, depending on the customer's needs and challenges. The services are provided full-time or part-time, and the scope of work is agreed upon with the customer in advance.

The investment in interim COO services is flexible, depending on the scope of work, the duration of the assignment, and the experience and qualifications of the interim manager. Vital Few can offer a combination of fixed price and success fee so that the customer pays for results.

How Interim COO Services are Delivered

The interim COO from Vital Few becomes part of the customer's management team and works closely with the customer and their employees to achieve the customer's goals. The interim manager takes responsibility for operations as agreed, implements necessary changes, optimizes processes, develops teams, and ensures continuity.

The interim COO regularly reports on progress and results and gives the customer advice and guidance along the way. Once the assignment is complete, Vital Few hands the role over to a permanent COO, whether an internal or external candidate. Vital Few ensures a smooth transition so that the new manager gets off to a good start and follows up with the customer after the assignment to ensure satisfaction.

Additional Information

Vital Few's interim services are a good choice for medium-sized businesses with an immediate and temporary need for a COO. Our interim manager has solid experience and knowledge of methods usable for operational improvements, optimizing processes, and developing teams. Vital Few's interim managers focus on results and continuity, and we work closely with the customer to achieve their goals.

Vital Few offers a no-obligation chat to discuss how you can contribute to the development of your business.


Vital Few's interim COO services are a valuable solution for businesses that need a temporary COO to help them achieve their goals. We tailor the services to the company's needs, and the interim manager is experienced and knowledgeable. Vital Few also offers a fixed price and success fee so that the customer pays for results.