How is OKR support delivered to our clients, and what is the investment for our clients?

We tailor all deliveries to our client's wishes and challenges. We begin with a dialogue about the objective and understand what may stand in the way. We then create a plan that helps our clients achieve their business goals, supported by a solid development process based on the goal management framework OKR and an ability to build a new and better way of ensuring implementation of the strategy at the same time as the team develops in being good together.

Your investment in OKR support consists of two parts:

  • Start-up/re-start: This is a two-day workshop with the team present. The investment is from NOK. 50,000 and is done once (per team).

  • Continuous development and learning: This monthly coaching service ensures a process with continuity and clarity. The investment is from NOK. 30,000 per month. For a team of 4-6 people.

Challenges with OKR
One of the reasons why many fail with OKR is that they lose the energy and that development thus stagnates. Through our support, we ensure quality, continuity, and output, resulting in a new strong culture for improvements and a long-term new way of development.

After two months, our clients can expect to see improvement and development. After six months, they can expect to experience more clarity, better accountability, and concrete results.
We believe in flexibility in our deliveries. This means we quickly adapt to developments in the team and ensure our engagement support fits the maturity within the team. The process objective is to enable our clients to continue improving without our help.

OKR manager in the team
We recommend that our clients appoint an OKR manager in the team or company. The in-house resource ensures continuity, better and broader implementation, and support. The OKR manager works in close collaboration with our adviser and will someday be able to take over the adviser role.

We offer a tailored service to help businesses implement and create value from OKRs. For teams of 4-6 people, we typically provide a two-day workshop and a monthly coaching service. The investment is from NOK. 50,000 for the workshop and from NOK. 30,000 per month for the coaching service.

Additional information
Here is some additional information about our OKR support:

  • Target group: Our OKR support works best for businesses and teams that want to implement and develop using the OKR framework.

  • The method: We use a practical and operational approach to OKR. It is essential to involve the entire team and work systematically with developing goals and their follow-up.

  • The results: We can improve our clients' outcomes, among other things, through increased clarity, improved accountability, a strong culture for development, and more efficiency.

  • Contract period: We are flexible in our implementation and draw up a plan adapted to the client's development process. Deliveries from us are terminated or scaled down when the client is ready to proceed without external assistance, and we are flexible on how we end our engagement. We are involved as long as it contributes to the results.

We guarantee
You will have reflected and gained more insight after our non-binding chat about how you can improve your business supported by Vital Few OKR services.