How is program- & project management delivered to our clients, and what is the investment for our clients?

Vital Few tailors all deliveries to the customer's needs and challenges. We start with a non-binding mapping conversation, where we get to know you as our future client, your business, your goals, and your challenges. We also give you an insight into how we work and what we can contribute.

Based on the mapping conversation, we create a tailored offer that describes the scope, duration, delivery, and price for program or project management.

The investment in program and project management depends on the scope, time, and delivery requirements. Vital Few can offer a combination of fixed price and success fee so that the customer pays for results.

Additional information

Here are some additional details about Vital Few's program and project management services:

  • Target group: Vital Few's program and project management services are well-suited for medium-sized and large businesses that need someone to drive the process, coordinate activities, and, to some extent, create content in the deliveries. The services are well suited for businesses working on implementation, competence development, internationalization, mergers and acquisitions, or improving the utilization of technology and processes.

  • Method: Vital Few's program/project manager has solid experience and knowledge of techniques. The deliveries are adapted dynamically if the customer has its own practices and processes.

  • Results: Vital Few's program/project manager will focus on the initial goals and outcomes. Strong objective orientation is an essential part of the DNA of Vital Few's program and project managers. When the assignment is completed, we always share a final report summarizing findings, results, and recommendations.

  • Contract period: Vital Few is flexible in implementation and develops a plan adapted to the customer's development process. Deliveries from Vital Few ends as agreed or are scaled back when the customer is ready to move forward without external assistance.


Vital Few offers a tailored service to help businesses with complex projects or programs. Our experienced program or project managers become part of the customer's team and work closely with the customer and their employees to achieve the customer's goals.

Non-binding chat

Vital Few offers a non-binding chat to discuss how we can contribute to the development of your business.